MTD Snowblower Doesn’t Move – HOW to FIX!

Step by Step Tutorial!

In today’s video, we’ll be looking at a YardMachines snowblower (MTD) that won’t move forward or back!

The reason this happens is due to the roller bearings seizing up. These bearings are located inside the gears that mount on the drive axle.

*If you contact MTD customer service & tell them you’re experiencing this issue, they may send you an MTD Drive Repair Kit Part # 75305173A at no cost. However, this issue can still occur, as the new kit is identical to the old parts.*

Once we drained the oil, flipped it up and removed the access panel, we can begin our disassembly.

Following the steps in this video, you’ll be able to remove both the upper and lower axles, to gain access at the gear bearings.

You don’t have to remove both gears, however, I recommend cleaning and lubricating both gears! As you’ll see in the video, even though the upper gear still rotated on the shaft, once we removed it we could see it didn’t have any lubrication inside of it (Meaning this issue would have happened again).

I also replaced both outer bearings for the lower axle as well.

Once everything was cleaned, we greased the bearings using Roller Bearing specific grease (It’s super sticky and won’t come out as easy).

We then reassemble everything, and lubricate both axles.

After these steps are completed, we use Oil and Grease remover to wipe down the friction wheel and drive disc, to ensure there is no slippage of the friction wheel when driving!

If you follow the steps in this video, this repair should take you anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete. You may also need a wide range of tools to complete this repair.



Outer Bearings: 941-0563

Lithium Grease:

Upper Gear: 917-04025A

Lower Gear: 917-04026A

Friction Wheel: 684-04153C

Complete Transmission Rebuild Kit: 753-05173A


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